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Dimensions 8 × 5.5 × 3 in

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Travelers to Lake Tahoe will find that the Marcus Ashley Gallery is an idyllic location to explore and acquire Frogman art. The sculptor crafts an intriguing medley of animal-inspired bronze sculptures. Once molded, Frogman adds the final touches to every sculpture through the remarkable Lost Wax casting process. Every piece is carefully crafted to perfect the features and finish of his subjects. So intricate is the detailing that his sculptures come pretty close to the real thing.


Geckos are an interesting species of carnivorous lizards with special abilities that help them dodge predators and survive in the open. Frogman captures the cheeky creature’s lithe form and tiny features to a tee in Chico. The sculpture sports a lovely orange patina that glints in the light while subtle hints of dark patina create the illusion of texture along the trunk. Notice how the sculpture’s little beady eyes carry an almost lifelike sheen.


Frogman’s gecko sculptures include built-in hardware on the underside, making it easy to mount Chico on any vertical surface. Visitors may be startled at first when they spot the gecko but will be hard-pressed not to love the little guy.