Sherlock – BF252


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Dimensions 8.5 × 12.25 × 6.25 in


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery regularly hosts exhibitions, workshops, art talk shows, new collection unveilings, and private art viewing soirees in and around Lake Tahoe. It’s the patrons’ way of involving visitors, artists, collectors, and the community in an unforgettable experience with art. As part of its growing collection of metalwork sculptures, the gallery curates an enviable selection of Frogman art. The California-based sculptor works out of his Venice Beach studio, creating a riveting collection of animal-inspired bronze, gold, and metal sculptures.

Sherlock, a dynamic bi-colored frog, peers through a cluster of spring-green grass, investigating his surroundings. True to his name, this sleuthing amphibian is certain to keep the pond safe from trespassers! Frogman sculpts the lurking frog in a classic bright patina that mimics its true-to-life form. He takes cover behind the grass, propping himself up on large webbed feet, his unmoving yet watchful eyes focused on what’s happening in his habitat. Visitors will find themselves transfixed by its pearlescent patina.

Frogman wows us yet again with another limited-edition masterpiece that can be picked up online or in person. Sherlock is a must-have sculpture for budding and new collectors.