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Dimensions 5 × 4.75 × 10.25 in


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The best way to enjoy art is with an open mind and heart. By channeling their emotions, thoughts, and perspectives, several artists produce a spectacular range of expressive work worth a close look. The Marcus Ashley Gallery maintains its curatorial excellence by supporting the work of local, national, and international talent. The exhibition space is a favorite haunt of art lovers from far and near. While you’re here, do peruse the Frogman art collection by Tim Cotterill. The sculptor brings his passion and love for animals to life through sculptural beauties of geckos, koi fish, frogs, and birds.


Frogman’s Jump Start features unusually large flipper-like hind feet that draw attention to its subject’s miniature stature. This little guy’s got spunk and a vivacious personality that sets him apart from his companions. The sculptor uses a citrus-toned patina and diffused watercolor rings to elevate the frog’s small yet mighty form. As the frog sits and contemplates how to perform his next major dive, one cannot help but adore the artistic details of this sculpture.


Frogman relies on the Lost Wax casting process to reanimate the delicate details of Jump Start. The show-stopping sculpture deserves a place in a chic or upscale home or commercial establishment.