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January 2022


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The stunning Frogman art collection can be found right here at the Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe. As a world-renowned steel, gold, and bronze sculptor, Tim “Frogman” Cotterill has dedicated most of his career to creating frog-inspired works. His bronze frog sculptures come in a lovely range of patinas that capture their unique and fascinating features. Frogman grew up with a fascination for the tiny amphibians he often spotted while playing outdoors.


The sculptor releases yet another stunning piece titled Je T’aime (French for ‘I love you’). The two little frogs have found each other in the tall grasses, and they’re looking deeply into each other’s eyes, having finally found their soulmate. He shares how frogs emerge from hibernation and search for a new mate in the spring. In this sculpture, two tiny webbed feet beauties find each other amidst tall blades of grass. The sculptor relies on sunset hues and deep blacks to bring his little subjects to life.


Je T’aime portrays a life-like precision that is a nod to Frogman’s exceptional craftsmanship. The sculptor adds his signature ladybug taking cover in the grass as a final touch. Je T’aime is the perfect sculpture to give someone special as a lasting reminder of one’s love and affection.