High Dive


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14.25" x 7.5" x 6"


Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


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“High Dive” by Frogman

Introducing “High Dive,” a striking sculpture by the acclaimed artist Tim Cotterill, also known as Frogman. This dynamic piece captures the exhilarating moment of a frog leaping into action, its elongated limbs and webbed feet stretched out in a graceful dive. The frog’s glossy orange and brown speckled body, combined with the dramatic black webbing of its feet, is meticulously crafted in high-quality bronze, highlighting Frogman’s exceptional talent and attention to detail.

“High Dive” exudes a sense of movement and excitement, perfectly embodying the adventurous spirit of its subject. The frog’s poised dive and lifelike features make it a captivating addition to any collection, drawing the viewer into a moment of daring and exhilaration.

Ideal for art enthusiasts, nature lovers, and collectors of Tim Cotterill’s unique creations, “High Dive” brings a touch of energy and elegance to any space. This sculpture is a celebration of the beauty and thrill of the natural world, making it a standout piece in any home or office. Add “High Dive” to your collection and let its vibrant spirit and exquisite craftsmanship inspire a sense of adventure and appreciation for the art of bronze sculpture.

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