Emerald – BF93


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3.25" x 5.5" x 5.5"


Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


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This exquisite sculpture captures the vivacity and charm of a whimsical frog. The “Emerald” by Frogman Bronze is a fine example of contemporary craftsmanship, distinguished by its vibrant patina that blends verdant greens with shimmering gold hues. The frog’s poised, dynamic stance suggests a readiness to leap, while the artful contrast of the lustrous, deep black and green patina accentuates its sleek form. Its webbed feet, finished with delicate copper detailing, add a touch of elegance, further emphasized by the sculpture’s smooth contours and life-like expression. Each piece, forged from bronze, is not just a figure, but a story – a unique blend of nature’s simplicity and artistic complexity. “Emerald” would make a captivating addition to any art collection, bringing a sense of organic beauty and playful sophistication.