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Dimensions 4 × 2.5 × 3.75 in


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery prides itself on curating an expansive collection of Frogman art. Visitors are often amazed by the sculptor’s oeuvre of animal-inspired works, and rightly so. They encapsulate the delicate nature and beauty of species we usually tend not to notice. Frogman’s goal is to immortalize his love for animals and put a smile on people’s faces when they encounter one or more of his creations.


In Beginner’s Luck, a charming, multi-toned frog gazes hopefully at a pair of vivid red ladybugs perched atop a lime green four-leaf clover. Surely, the legendary shamrock will bring good fortune to the little amphibian! Frogman gives the bronze frog a pleasant sunset-hued patina. To highlight the rainbow-like colors of his frog sculptures, the artist chooses gold and black patinas for the feet.


One derives a certain kind of comfort from Frogman’s amphibious sculptures. From the sparkle of their soulful eyes to how they position their tiny forms, the frog collectibles possess a life of their own. Beginner’s Luck is available at the gallery. Interested buyers can reach out to the staff for more information on the collections.