Sangre De Cristo


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This is a Limited Edition of 100 regardless of the size you order.

Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“As an artist, you start painting from your own heart, your feelings, and your mind, or maybe it is even more of a spiritual thing that happens.” – Charles Pabst

Seasoned and newbie collectors will be ecstatic to browse the Charles Pabst art at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Landscape painting is Pabst’s forte, one that he has mastered over the decades. Using oil paints and his trusty memory, he conjures beautiful scenes and still-life objects in brilliant color and rich detail.

The Sangre De Cristo mountains run between southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. Many believe that the name of the mountains was coined by the Spanish explorer Antonio Valverde y Cosio. He witnessed a sunset that enveloped the snow-capped peaks with a reddish tint. Amazed by what he saw, Antonio uttered the words Sangre De Cristo (which translates to ‘blood of Christ’) under his breath.

In Sangre De Cristo, Pabst paints a scenic route that runs past the mountains, using subdued hues to create an air of mystery and adventure. A trio of horse riders trots past — to a vivid imagination, they are the guardians of the land. Against the misty backdrop of the mountains, the perennial flowering trees, wild shrubbery, and rows of fir trees hold the fort.  Sangre De Cristo will infuse a space with a comforting, uplifting vibe.