Santa Chiara


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“One of my favorite things about painting is to be able to take a trip in my mind, combine fact and fantasy to create an inspirational place to be.” – Charles Pabst

Visitors get to feel the palpable energy and excitement of perusing Charles Pabst art at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. With a refreshing perspective and keen eye for detail, the artist showcases incredible locations around the US and the world through his work.

Located in Naples, Italy, the Santa Chiara is a complex of religious monuments in the Piazza del Gesù Nuovo. Here you’ll find the Santa Chiara church, tombs of the Anjou family, a monastery, and a museum in classic gothic-style and medieval architecture. These solemn, beautiful structures hold a wealth of history within their hallowed halls.

Pabst captures a top angled view in Santa Chiara, with blossom-lined stone steps leading to the piazza. Soaring trees stretch across the landscape against fields of olive groves. A heavenly glow fills the atmosphere as the sun hangs high overhead. The artist captures the comforting vibes of this historic cluster of monuments nestled amidst a resplendent valley.

Santa Chiara is a lovely painting that Pabst animates with a rich palette of soothing, vibrant hues and meticulous brushwork.