Wild Cherry Blossom


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25" x 36"



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“Capturing Light was always the most important thing for me in painting. Somehow I feel like the passage of light and the passage of time are inextricably connected. If I can capture light and examine it in every detail, I can also capture a moment in time and hold onto it. We all have our ways of doing this and these are the moments that make all the difference.” – Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley Gallery has made a name for itself as one of the premier fine-art galleries at Lake Tahoe. In its 18 years of existence, the showroom has consistently exhibited a wide array of spectacular paintings by internationally recognized artists, including Alexander Volkov art pieces, many of which are still life portrayals of nature. They are charming adornments on the walls of contemporary homes. The true-to-life colors complement any indoor motif and make for interesting conversation.

Hanging Volkov’s Wild Cherry Blossom on a wall serves the purpose of warming up a kitchen or dining area, especially on cold and gloomy days. The lifelike rendition of the pale pink flowers in profusion on their dark brown branches just outside a window makes one forget that it is but a painting. Such is the power of the Volkov brush. He chronicles a magical wink in time on canvas and in vivid detail. His trademark composition involving a vase of blooms, an unlit lamp, and old-fashioned fixtures in the foreground of a casement elicits sentimentality and a yearning for what used to be.