Wind From The Sea


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32" x 26"



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Painter Available at Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe

“Our soul is like the sea, which breathes with the movement of the wind that forms the waves and the beat of our hearts. At times, driven by this restless wind, the sea comes crashing against the shoreline, trying to break out of its boundaries… Then it calms down… and falls asleep. In its dream, it sees the rooms filled with sunshine and gentle breeze and finds peace there…” – Alexander Volkov

Located in the quaint Heavenly Village at South Lake Tahoe, the Marcus Ashley Gallery is home to a comprehensive assemblage of Alexander Volkov art. Among these paintings is the artist’s Window series – illustrations that will lead to existential conversations during get-togethers, whether intimate or large. They are the perfect focal point on the bare walls of upscale homes and luxury hotels.

The haunting scene in Wind From The Sea represents Volkov’s meditation on time and life through his signature Window subject matter. A master of realism, his attention to detail is remarkable and evident in his depiction of inanimate objects as well as the human form.

Wind From The Sea deserves a place in the artist’s Collectors Edition given that mortals are a rarity on his canvas. Art connoisseurs will not regret adding it to their acquisition. Just one look and a viewer can feel the wind gushing in through the curtain, the smell of the sea, and the taste of the saltwater.