Vanishing Light


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24" x 34"



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“There is no greater mystery to me than the conflict of light and dark. In the way they clash and penetrate each other, there is the source of everything. Whether I paint a landscape, a still-life or a portrait, within it there is always a story of light traveling through darkness.” – Alexander Volkov

For South Lake Tahoe, the Sierra Foothills, Northern California, and Las Vegas visitors, the Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery is a must-visit destination. It exhibits a large collection of Alexander Volkov art, including his Window series. The prolific painter is a master of realism and this set features still life illustrations in a harmonious play of light and darkness. They are dramatic conversation pieces in contemporary homes and vacation destinations.

Vanishing Light is one such print – a variation on Volkov’s poetic rendition of windows in daydream tones, it does not reveal the casement. Rather, the shadow it casts on the wall becomes the subject matter. An unlit candle and a snuffed-out lamp on the edge of a wooden table are the focal points. Both also project their respective silhouettes on the panel from the sunlight streaming through the room. The artist’s signature theme of light and dark invading each other forms the backdrop, creating a stunning effect that is undoubtedly Volkov.