The Breathing of March


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28" x 40"



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“I imagine Bill More coming out of the barn after a long day of struggling with the old farm equipment, his hands black and smelling of oil and gasoline. As he steps outside, he draws a chest full of March air and gets dizzy for a moment. Alone, he savors the scent of dirt and melting snow, the dusk and the sounds of the birds lost in the trees. Life goes on.” – Alexander Volkov

The owners, art consultants, staff, and custom framers at the Marcus Ashley Gallery offer one hundred years of combined experience in the world of art. Each guest is guaranteed personal attention the moment they enter the showroom’s doors. Alexander Volkov art enthusiasts will be thrilled by the gallery’s expansive repertoire of the artist’s oil paintings. These dramatic pieces convey a quiet kind of elegance that adds sophistication to any space.

Early spring in New England is special for Volkov because of the unique colors the season diffuses across the skies, through the air, and over the surroundings. The Breathing of March demonstrates this phenomenon at sunset. A pale pink sky signals the transition from cool weather to a warmer one. Volkov’s mastery of light traveling through the dark is apparent in the contrast of tree branches against the sky, of the barn’s walls beneath its roof, and the last vestiges of snow slowly receding into the earth.