Sunset Moonrise


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24" x 36"



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“At that very moment when the sun disappears behind the hills in the West, the moon slowly rises above the snow covered landscape in the East, creating a very subtle interplay of light and shadow. The world seems to be suspended in perfect balance between the two heavenly bodies.” – Alexander Volkov

The Sunset series in the Alexander Volkov art collection is the perfect wall decor for homes of urban denizens who love to holiday in rural settings. They are also ideal for the lobbies of vacation destinations. These oils on canvas portray landscapes in quaint towns rendered in the realism style. One of the artist’s largest bodies of artwork can be found at the Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery.

Sunset Moonrise is a stunning piece in this series. Picturesque as a postcard, it features Volkov’s favorite season – winter. He is a master of Light, after all. No other time of the year highlights the starkness of white than the snowy months. His passion for depicting the encounter between illumination and darkness is evident in the portrayal of dusky pines set against the expanse of frost. The stratosphere offers a deep contrast in the form of the glowing moon floating along a clear cobalt sky. Only the winter sunset can offer such grandiose beauty, and only Volkov’s paintbrush can render it with such authenticity.