Summer’s Gift


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36" x 26"



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“A perfect summer day, the smell of pine needles, and sunlight outlining the delicate silhouette of the ferns.” – Alexander Volkov, 2005

Summers in Lake Tahoe are abuzz with outdoor activities. When the snow has melted from the Sierras, the warm temperature becomes conducive to water sports, hiking, gondola rides, and beach bonfires. A visit to the Marcus Ashley Gallery is also in order. Alexander Volkov art is a large part of their collection and features a series of summer-themed oil paintings that complement the sunny weather.

One of these is Summer’s Gift, a fusion of two of Volkov’s trademark subject matters – Seasons and Windows. The light and white curtain hanging over the window forecasts a warm day ahead. Lush greenery is visible from the bottom of the glass pane. Shadows of the grille imprinted on the cloth enhance the ambiance further. A vase of fresh ferns offers a cool and refreshing respite. Lest the viewer forgets, this is not a photograph. Rather, Summer’s Gift is the creation of a master of realism whose adeptness at integrating light and dark delivers lifelike images.