Spring Road


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34" x 48"



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“It is so quiet at this time before Spring, you can almost hear the sound of the earth stirring under the snow. It is a very crisp and clear silence made up of multitudes of

subtle noises – birds calling in the distance, water breaking off and carrying

away tiny slivers of ice, and the wind flying between the branches.” – Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley Gallery offers an irresistible invitation to South Lake Tahoe, where tourists and locals alike will always find lots to do, from exploring Emerald Bay to conquering the Sierras and spending an afternoon appreciating the paintings of Alexander Volkov. The gallery houses an enviable assemblage of the artist’s body of work, including his Seasons series. These famous prints are sought after for the relaxing ambiance they diffuse to any busy and bustling space.

Spring Road belongs to this set of landscapes. It embodies all of the elements that have made Alexander Volkov art well known and loved all over the world. The master of realism has produced yet another marvelous feat in depicting early spring in rural America.

With his passionate brushwork, the scene in Spring Road comes across as starkly real, with the stark branches reaching out as if to touch the sky and the melting snow that is collected on either side of a long road that appears to lead towards the horizon. Every detail in this scene is carefully rendered. Volkov’s trademark style of light and darkness penetrating each other breathes a dramatic note into the setting, leaving the viewer in awe of nature’s beauty.