Six A.M.


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24" x 36"



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“The corner of Alice’s bedroom. We all know that toys only pretend not to be real if we are looking at them. The trick is to look at them while you are half asleep, then you have a chance to catch them being at least half real. The more asleep you are, the more real they get. I have tried it – it works.” – a memory of Alexander Volkov

Marcus Ashley Gallery is a point of interest in Heavenly Valley, Lake Tahoe. First-time and returning tourists are welcome to peruse its impressive exhibition of Alexander Volkov art. Collectors of still life and realism paintings will be delighted with the artist’s oils on canvas. They make for dramatic statement pieces on the walls of grand estates, high-end resorts, and luxury hotels.

Volkov loves to infuse an aura of mystery into his paintings. In Six A.M., he tickles the viewer’s imagination with a possibility that most people have entertained in childhood – are toys alive? With appropriate lighting and placement of objects, the artist succeeds at delivering the mood and atmosphere he intends. The remarkable details on each element support the same objective. And an overall authenticity is achieved in the end.

Six A.M is one of only 25 collector edition pieces signed, numbered, and hand-enhanced by Volkov, and interested buyers can have it custom framed by the Marcus Ashley Gallery.