Road to Rosemont


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35" x 26"



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“Somewhere deep in this painting, I can hear an echo of Marcel Proust’s dreamy prose. Here is an excerpt from his trilogy Swans Way. Remembrance of Things Past.

“…I could hear the whistling of trains, which, now nearer and farther off, punctuating the distance like the note of a bird in a forest, showed me in perspective the deserted countryside through which a traveler is hurrying towards a nearby station, and the path he is taking will be engraved in his memory by the excitement inducted by strange surroundings, by unaccustomed activities, by the conversations he has had and the farewells exchanged beneath an unfamiliar lamp, still echoing in his ears amid the silence of the night, by the imminent joy of going home.” – Alexander Volkov

Marcus Ashley Gallery is an awe-inspiring space, exhibiting art in all forms, including an impressive repertoire of Alexander Volkov art. The artist is famous for the remarkable realism of his landscapes like Road to Rosemont, which have found their way into the walls of grand estates, exclusive country clubs, and posh hotels. His body of work captures the charm of the four seasons at different times of the day.

In Road to Rosemont, Volkov presents the dramatic appeal of rainwater on the street after a shower. His genius lies not only in his depiction of the interaction between light and dark, the mix of different shades of gray, and the perfectly balanced composition. Volkov is a master of storytelling as well. Using paint, brush, and canvas, he evokes imagination, memories, and interpretation that resonate with a viewer.

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