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34" x 25"



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“Fall is the best time of the year. This is what I saw walking through the woods one day, when it felt like time was standing still. When the leaves are down and the exciting part of Fall is over, it is time to reflect.” – Alexander Volkov, 2005

Housed within the 4400 sq. ft. showroom of Marcus Ashley Gallery is a comprehensive assembly of Alexander Volkov art. Living in New England moves the artist to produce oil paintings that uncover the exceptional beauty of seasonal changes throughout the year. These landscapes are in demand for the quiet elegance they convey in modern dwellings, first-rate hotels, and exclusive resorts.

Volkov’s affinity for the allure of the four seasons is apparent in Reflections. In this Autumn piece, he illustrates the enchantment of light moving through the leaves as they fall from their respective branches. The artist deftly captures the motion of each pad as they obey the wind’s command. With a keen eye for detail, he paints each element with truth and accuracy so that the scene comes alive like a photograph. Reflections is also an invitation to reflect on the transience of things and time.

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