Quiet Snowfall


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26" x 40"



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“Some of the most precious moments in life are the ones we experience alone, which is when we make discoveries of things never seen, theories never known, and music never heard.” – Alexander Volkov

Marcus Ashley Gallery exhibits one of the largest collections of Alexander Volkov art. Each piece in this repertoire is a lifelike statement piece in the realism style. The mystical landscapes in these oil paintings make neutral-colored walls and brightly tinted spaces more interesting. In his Seasons series, Volkov captures the mood and atmosphere of each period with remarkable clarity.

In the still of one winter morning, this piece entitled Quiet Snowfall was created, inspired by the stunning beauty of a blinding white expanse of undisturbed powder against an ashen sky. Volkov was also struck by the hush that fell upon the land. The magical scene is made more otherworldly by the leafless tree branches seemingly reaching out to an unseen being. All these elements are presented in stark realism by the ardent brushstrokes of the master of light and realism in Quiet Snowfall.