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29" x 48"



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Step into the Marcus Ashley Gallery and prepare to be whisked to unknown lands. The gallery displays a commendable collection of art by some of the world’s most famous artists. Through the spacious, well-lit walkways is where you can find Alexander Volkov art. The artist is notable for his keen eye for detail, meticulous brushwork, and emotive compositions.

Volkov’s paintings have the power to create a strong aesthetic that brims with storytelling. As seen in Medieval, the artist paints a close-knit herd of cattle casually enjoying a winter’s day. These black baldy cows with their classic monochrome hides, stare curiously ahead. The artist portrays their imposing yet calming stance amidst the snow.

This piece reveals Volkov’s ability to breathe life into his subjects. His fascination for cattle grazing in fields or basking in the sunlight is evident in this painting. Medieval is one of only 25 collector edition pieces signed, numbered, and hand-enhanced by Volkov. By request, interested buyers can have canvases custom framed by the Marcus Ashley Gallery.