Far End of Summer


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34" x 24"



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“And now the summer’s gone as if it never happened. The evenings are still warm, but days are cut in half, I won’t object. This old familiar pattern is here to stay and yet I say it’s not enough. No, nothing was in vain: the love, the joy, the sorrow… it all burnt bright… And all this daily stuff.” – Alexander Volkov

Unlike traditional galleries, the Marcus Ashley Gallery has a more personal approach with its customers and clients. The staff and art consultants offer a host of unparalleled services that make acquiring art a walk in the park. Alexander Volkov art and other works of equally renowned artists are proudly on display at the gallery.

The artist laments the passing of summer but ultimately embraces a new season in Far End Of Summer. Unlike the artist’s more expressive paintings, this piece reveals a translucent curtain with a shadow play of trees in the distance. The artist’s delicate brushwork steals the spotlight, giving the painting a lifelike finish.

Far End Of Summer conveys a meaningful portrayal of passing seasons and the events that intersperse the fabric of time. This piece will add an understated charm to any nook, niche, or plain wall.

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