Evening Snowfall


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27" x 40"



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Visitors to the Marcus Ashley Gallery get to converse with knowledgeable art consultants who know their way around the collections, including the Alexander Volkov art. This brick-and-mortar establishment is a mecca of art and curates local and international pieces. Through sit-downs and private home shows within a 60-mile radius, one can even learn more about the artists behind the art forms.

Whether his muses are classical music composers or budding artists, Volkov draws inspiration from both well-known and regular folks. He believes that for one to grow, one should be open to learning new things. It’s a necessary process that allows artists to refine their craft and discover more about themselves.

Winter makes a dramatic entrance in Evening Snowfall, a quintessential Volkov painting that captures seasonal beauty. The artist paints a small cluster of homes beside a barn, with every surface in sight covered by a fresh blanket of snow. Lights from the cluster of houses twinkle to life as darkness creeps across the land.

While the artist has used a muted, monochrome palette, the landscape pops with a quiet charm. His work has the power to transform a basic space into a warm, inviting spot. Evening Snowfall, like many of Volkov’s works, will add charm to the walls of homes, taverns, lodges, or tea rooms.