A Winters Tale


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36" x 24"



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“Deep inside of our souls, we have a story waiting to be told, and sometimes we don’t even know what it is until we begin to listen, and give it a chance to tell itself. I believe that across millions of people some aspects of that story are the same. The light that you see in the darkness, a promise of new things to come, and a reassurance that things that have passed were not in vain.

This is why Heidi and I chose this original to represent Heidi’s Requiem. It is a Requiem for humanity.” – Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley Gallery curates an eclectic mix of art, many of which grace the walls of homes, restaurants, taverns, and upscale lodges. To experience the best of both worlds, the gallery lets viewers enjoy the works of international and local artists. Enthusiasts of realism paintings can revel in the Alexander Volkov art that the gallery proudly has on display.

In A Winter’s Tale, Volkov paints a charming spot by a window (a recurring theme that narrates a lovely sentiment). Hues of white meet rustic browns and warm yellows to bring this piece’s composition to life. Volkov’s favorite subjects—a hardcover book, an antique candle holder, and roses—fill the canvas with visual depth.

The craggy stone walls, the droplets of melted snow, and the withering roses in this painting eloquently capture Volkov’s attention to detail. This textural composition beckons quiet contemplation of life, dreams, and plans.