Live Painting: Making Art in Real Time

Tesla coil painting of space by Dave Archer at Marcus Ashley Gallery

One of the biggest trends in the art community today is live painting, where artists will paint in front of a live audience. Whether planned or improvisational, this art trend at music concerts, weddings, and art galleries has paved the way for smaller artists to hit the stage and gain more valuable exposure. Live event painting is a concept that has been innovated and is now more encapsulating than ever, thanks to the mix of technology, movement, and audience interaction. However, this daring new trend isn’t only secluded to events. Art establishments and galleries may be the ticket to catch your local live painter at their best!

Live art has a vibrant history. Becoming an established genre since the 1970s, it includes live painting, performance art, and more. While the term itself is relatively new, the history of live art is one of empowerment. Live painting is often a haven for artists who feel confined by the structures of what we would consider traditional art and pop culture. Doing live art and painting in a place that is specifically safe to experiment in, such as an art gallery, is something that all art lovers and audiences can appreciate. Whether watching a glow-in-the-dark painting come to life or watching a fine artist recreate a special moment, live art painting is experimental while still holding love for the art itself. Here is everything you should know about live artistry.

  • Local Art Events

Local art events are a great way to scope out some live art shows and support artists in your community. Live painting will be more prevalent at official art establishments and art galleries, but you can also find them at art festivals and art exhibitions in general. The cost of these events can vary widely according to what event you’re going to and whether you want access to extra content. Art fairs, live painting events, and festivals generally have a time where everyone can walk through free of charge but have the option to pay for VIP access and exclusive previews.

  • For Specific Artists

Once an artist establishes a reputation in their community, they can specialize in live scene painting in order to sell their artwork. Often, these artists have been practicing for years to perform in front of a live, limited audience. Whether it’s a local artist looking to show younger generations their craft or nationally recognized showstopping artists with their work on display, live art can be an excellent way for communities to come together. Often, specific artists will innovate on concepts and motifs in order to make their live painting show more appealing.

Some artists, such as Maya Evantov, will focus on traditional art with stylized nature paintings. In contrast, others, like Steve Barton, will concentrate on charming illustrations that conjure images of your favorite characters on the beach. With live painters such as Dave Archer, you get a heart-pumping experience and a beautiful galaxy scene with it! Live painting events are wildly different from each other, thanks to each artist’s creativity.

What are the Trends in Live Art?

While live painting is getting a lot of attention in the wedding and art industry, there are constant shifts in the industry. The most significant changes seem to be about the intersection of performance art and accessibility, with audience participation taking center stage. Similar to how Bob Ross would talk directly to the audience in a very gentle way, live artists include audience reception at higher rates. This varies from artist to artist, but trends will continue changing as live art becomes more popular in the United States.

Another trend we’ve been seeing is live event painting. On social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram, live wedding art has been making the rounds. Done often in outdoor settings, these artists work fast to capture special moments during weddings, anniversaries, or other special occasions. It also provides one-of-a-kind entertainment for art lovers at your special events. Before you pick a live painting or art for your special event, it is essential to see the artist’s portfolio and style before booking them. This keepsake of your event should be something you genuinely love and admire, so picking a style you know you’ll love should be a top priority.

How Can I Support Live Artists?

There are a lot of ways to support live artists! Whether you decide to go to a ticketed live show or an art festival, live artists are making their statement everywhere. Marcus Ashley Gallery has a schedule of upcoming events where you can support live artists in the South Lake Tahoe Area and sell their original artwork. Going to art galleries and watching live art painting is perfect for supporting your local live artists.