Sugar Shack


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30" H x 35.5" W



Limited Edition

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished by the artist

Shipping and Framing

This will come to you with a custom frame chosen by the artist

Sugar Shack (Limited Edition Giclee) Todd White Art From Globally Acclaimed Painter Available at Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery in South Lake Tahoe

“All attitude and no reservations. A sexy image filled with style and attitude, from spicy to playful. These kittens look soft but their bite is deadly. Which ones are you?” – Todd White

At the heart of Lake Tahoe is Heavenly Village, a bustling shopping zone that is home to Marcus Ashley Gallery, one of the district’s premier fine art galleries. Nestled in its museum-like interiors is an extensive repertoire of Todd White art. Collectors and celebrities travel from around the world to own paintings of the icon of modern figurative impressionism for their private exhibitions.

Set against a backdrop of White’s trademark wild floral graffiti, Sugar Shack is a portrait of two blondes and two brunettes of various temperaments and inclinations. The artist flaunts his rare talent of reproducing the human anatomy in such stark detail that betrays the characters’ emotions and intentions. Traditionally, a sugar shack is an enclosed space where sap collected from sugarbush is boiled down into maple syrup. In the witty and insightful world of Todd White, the outward erotic sweetness of these four females belie their inward machinations.