Mountain High


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“Mountain High” is an exquisite mixed media on canvas creation by the artist Ana Moran, showcasing her remarkable ability to capture the lively essence of winter sports and the grandeur of alpine landscapes. This artwork depicts a busy ski slope where skiers in colorful attire carve their paths through the pristine white snow, their figures creating a tapestry of motion and vibrancy against the serene backdrop of towering mountains.

Above, ski lifts silently glide, offering passengers a view of the winter wonderland below, and marking the connection between the peak and the base of the mountain. The snow-capped peaks in the distance are painted with a realism that contrasts with the playful abstraction of the skiers, while the fine details in the rock formations provide a sense of ruggedness and permanence.

Ana Moran’s “Mountain High” celebrates not only the sport but the spirit of the mountain—its ability to draw individuals together for moments of exhilaration and shared joy. The painting invites the viewer to feel the crisp mountain air and the thrill of the descent. This piece would be a treasured addition for collectors who are enamored with winter landscapes, the energy of ski culture, or the serene beauty of nature’s high-altitude artistry.