Surrounded by Sun


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished

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Surrounded by Sun (Limited Edition) Steve Barton Art in “Wavy” Frame From Prominent Painter Available at Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe

“The best places to display my art are vacation destinations because they capture that moment of beauty and rest.” – Steve Barton

Experience the thrill of art at the Marcus Ashley Gallery and the hospitality and expert guidance of its staff. This welcoming space has been home to the work of over 40 prominent artists, including Steve Barton art. When Barton is not painting in the comfort of his home or backyard, he teaches students around the world. His exceptional knowledge and artistic brilliance are evident through his many works.

Surrounded by Sun carries a marriage of subtle and heavy brushstrokes that works to create a unique texture. A lush bouquet of sunflowers sits in a glass vase against a crimson backdrop—a favorite hue that Barton enjoys using in his work. Warm light fills the room as the sunflowers hunch over in silent conversation. Barton manages to evoke a sense of calm through the stillness of lush flora.

This piece is available in Barton’s signature “Wavy” frame which is the artist’s creation.


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