Drenched in Sun


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Framed image featured in Dark Stain




Limited Edition

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished

Shipping and Framing

This will come to you in the frame of your choice and ship to you ready to hang.

Drenched in Sun (Limited Edition) Steve Barton Art in “Wavy” Frame From World-Renowned Painter Available at Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe

“My philosophy as an artist is to continually be growing in a way that has a positive impact upon others.” – Steve Barton

Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery is one of the best destinations for collectors and visitors to Tahoe. It combines a passion for the Sierras and the arts, allowing for browsing, shopping, and learning about fine art. The gallery exhibits a vast collection of the famous artists of our time, including Steve Barton art. Known for his loose impressionistic paintings rendered in vivid colors, the artist offers pieces that breathe life into any space, be it the living room of a home or the lobby of a hotel.

Drenched in Sun is such a piece. It illustrates Barton’s trademark theme of a peaceful life on the beach. Rustic cottages cool under the shade of palm trees and white wooden boats parked on the light cream sand embody simple living. So do the fabrics and hammock hanging on the patio. Meanwhile, flowers in a variety of bright hues bask in the warmth and provide a splendid contrast to the calm blue of sky and sea.

This dreamlike scenery in bold strokes and rich textures is embodied in Barton’s signature “Wavy” frame.