Amber Eyes


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This exquisite scratchboard art, titled “Amber Eyes”, is a masterpiece by the talented artist Sally Maxwell, known for her intricate detail and mastery of the scratchboard technique. The artwork captures the majestic essence of a cheetah, portrayed with an almost photographic realism. Each stroke is meticulously etched to reveal the underlying layer, creating a stunning contrast that highlights the cheetah’s distinctive spotted coat and soulful amber eyes.

The cheetah’s gaze is contemplative and piercing, inviting the viewer to a moment of connection with this magnificent creature. The black background serves to enhance the subject, making the cheetah’s features pop with life-like vibrancy. Measuring 12″ x 16″, this piece is a testament to Maxwell’s skill in using scratchboard, a medium that demands precision and patience.

“Amber Eyes” is not just a display of artistic talent, but also a tribute to the wild beauty of nature’s creations. Ideal for collectors who appreciate wildlife art and the unique beauty of scratchboard, this piece promises to be a conversation starter and a prized possession in any collection. Each purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity, assuring the originality and quality of the work.