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Travelers and Californians enjoy spending time in Lake Tahoe, a Sierra Nevada region popular for its unblemished beauty. After a day of exploring the bylanes of Heavenly Village, visitors can stop by the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The patrons, staff, and art consultants here are purveyors of the art world, and its highly coveted collections are carefully curated and installed. Nestled among the works of imminent artists is the Rolinda Stotts art, an immersive collection that is both tranquil and vibrant. Come and explore the artist’s work at length online or in person.

Stotts relies on a time-intensive 10-step process to achieve complex textural depth in her paintings. Ultimately, every piece acquires a weathered yet lovely finish. Key Colors gives viewers a glimpse of a faraway land bathed in color, charm, and character. Stotts reimagines the color palette of the places she visits, bringing their beauty to the fore in her work.

The artist paints with passion across a deliberately disintegrated surface. She believes that humans are broken but hold so much beauty within. Stotts hopes to inspire audiences to radiate love and extend kindness towards themselves and others, and Key Colors will serve as a lovely reminder.