Dancing with Mother Nature


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There’s no better way to spruce up an interior space than with art. It can support a powerful aesthetic and create inviting energy in a room. The most important aspect of art is connecting with a piece and its maker on a deeper level. The dynamic team at the Marcus Ashley Gallery are testament to the fact that art can spark a fire in your soul. The gallery’s exquisite collections, which include Rolinda Stotts art, will captivate and inspire viewers. The artist is renowned for her fresco-style paintings and artistic originality.

Dancing with Mother Nature is a deconstructed yet cohesive representation of a breathtaking sunset-kissed landscape. The different colored panels come together to create a singular scene of emerald-green conifers, misty mountains, and pristine waters. The textured panels carry a generous layer of oil paints that settle into a saturated gradient finish. Stotts relies on free-flowing brushwork to create soft lines and shapes. Together they create a scenic view that looks lovely from an aerial vantage point.

The artist’s mural-like paintings have an aged quality that makes them particularly special. Dancing with Mother Nature looks like a work of art painted in an alleyway of a Sicilian street. Stotts aims to capture the essence of life without letting imperfections alter its beauty.