Crown Jewels


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Introducing “Crown Jewels” by Rolinda Stotts – an exquisite original artwork created through her innovative Bella Rotta technique. This vibrant piece takes you on a mesmerizing journey through a world of colors and textures, showcasing the beauty of a majestic rooster like never before.

In the heart of Rolinda Stotts’ studio, the magic of Bella Rotta comes to life. With meticulous attention to detail, she carefully layers and combines a variety of mixed media materials to build a textured canvas that’s as rich as the rooster’s plumage itself. Each layer is applied with precision, creating a dynamic and layered foundation for the masterpiece that’s about to unfold.

As the process unfolds, the canvas takes on a life of its own. The Bella Rotta technique works its magic, causing the surface to crackle and reveal hidden dimensions beneath. This dynamic interplay between chaos and control mirrors the rooster’s personality – a symbol of vitality, grandeur, and flamboyant charm.

“Crown Jewels” captures the essence of the rooster’s brilliance. Bold strokes of vivid reds, vibrant blues, and luscious greens come together to create a kaleidoscope of colors, reminiscent of precious gems adorning a regal crown. The Bella Rotta technique lends an aura of timelessness to the piece, as if it has weathered the passage of centuries, much like the legendary jewels of a bygone era.

The rooster, with its fiery gaze and proud stance, takes center stage in this captivating composition. Its feathers are a testament to Rolinda Stotts’ exceptional skill, each one rendered with meticulous attention to detail. The juxtaposition of the rooster’s vibrant plumage against the aged, crackled background adds depth and character to the artwork.

“Crown Jewels” is more than just a piece of art; it’s a narrative. It tells the story of a rooster, a symbol of confidence and allure, adorned with the splendor of a thousand gems. It is a testament to Rolinda Stotts’ mastery of the Bella Rotta technique, where artistry and innovation converge to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Whether you’re an art collector seeking to add a unique piece to your collection or someone who appreciates the beauty of nature’s creations, “Crown Jewels” will captivate your senses and bring a touch of regal splendor into your life. With this remarkable artwork, Rolinda Stotts invites you to embrace the world of Bella Rotta and witness the magic that can be created when artistry and innovation collide.