Lucky Streak


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“Our life is a whirlwind of chaos today
Twirling around in an awful display.

We all get caught up when rolling the dice,
Dealing with things that cause too much strife.

When industry started bursting through the town,
Causing growth to the rich, the poor abound.

Yet any the man who’s humble and true,
Still finds love for his dog when he steals his shoe.

Rich battleships sail through our murky waters,
In wars poor men fight for wives, sons and daughters.

When seeking fine clothing, cars and money,
You’ll find the GO down, ain’t all that funny.

Keep peace in your heart and let love swell.
If you can’t do that, the RUN LIKE HELL!

Paul Lotz

“Paul Lotz’s ‘Lucky Streak’ is a bronze sculpture that captures the whimsical nature of chance and the playful spirit of luck. This piece features a pair of dice with human-like bronze legs in mid-stride, as if the dice themselves are embarking on a journey. Each die is perfectly formed with dots representing the numbers, suggesting the randomness of rolling dice.

The sculpture is imbued with movement and a sense of animation, as the legs are sculpted with realistic muscles and poses, giving life to the inanimate objects. The feet are detailed, with individual toes and a lifelike stance that adds a humorous touch to the artwork.

‘Lucky Streak’ embodies the excitement and uncertainty of taking risks and the personification of the dice suggests that luck itself can take on a life of its own. This piece would be a delightful addition to any collection, bringing with it a message of chance and the unpredictable nature of fortune.”