Breath of Wind


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“Breath of Wind” is an exquisite mixed media on canvas artwork by Miri Rozenvain, showcasing a breathtaking abstract portrayal of a horse in motion. With dimensions that create an impactful presence, this piece measures a commanding 40×60 inches, ideal for becoming the centerpiece of any room.

The energy and life of a horse are masterfully captured in Rozenvain’s dynamic brush strokes and the vibrant splashes of color that suggest movement and vitality. The artwork speaks of freedom and the wild spirit of nature, conveyed through an explosion of hues that seem to be carried on a gust of wind itself.

Miri Rozenvain’s use of mixed media adds a depth and texture to the piece that is tangible. The layering of materials creates a three-dimensional effect, with the horse almost galloping off the canvas. The contrast between the muted grays and whites of the horse’s body and the vivid, bright colors of the background accentuates the animal’s grace and power.

Every detail of “Breath of Wind” is a testament to Rozenvain’s skill in blending realism with abstract artistry. The horse, while abstract, is depicted with enough detail to convey its majesty, while the abstract elements around it suggest the unseen energy that propels it forward.

This artwork is a testament to the beauty of the natural world and the enduring allure of the equine form, making it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts who seek a piece that combines the wild essence of nature with a modern, artistic interpretation. “Breath of Wind” is not just a painting; it is a statement piece that will infuse any space with life and movement.