Looking Up – 191421


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“Looking Up – 191421” is an original acrylic on canvas by the acclaimed artist Maya Eventov, depicting a quintessential birch forest scene. The painting is a celebration of nature’s verticality, inviting the viewer to experience the forest from the perspective of its very floor, gazing upwards towards the sky. Eventov’s signature technique is on full display, with thick, textured brushstrokes that give life and dimension to the birches’ distinctive bark and the fluttering leaves above.

The palette is a symphony of color, with the cool whites and greys of the birch bark standing boldly against a backdrop of splattered autumnal hues — yellows, reds, and the deep greens of lingering summer. The leaves, painted with a sense of joyful abandon, seem to be caught in a gentle breeze, their colors a blur of movement against the dappled sky.

In “Looking Up – 191421,” Eventov masterfully captures the interplay of light and shadow, creating a sense of depth and space that draws the viewer into the scene. The work is not only a visual feast but also an invitation to pause and contemplate the natural world’s quiet beauty and grandeur. It would make a striking addition to any collection, offering a window into the serene and majestic world of the northern forests.