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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is thrilled to display original Markus Pierson art alongside other outstanding works of art. The artist’s Coyote Series was born in June of 1986, marking over two decades of Pierson sharing inspirational abstract themes with his audiences. He uses coyotes instead of humans in his paintings because he has more room to experiment with emotional expression.

Brilliant shades of deep blue, gold, and violet bring Mystery to life. The words ‘Like a Shaman, music frees our minds and opens our eyes to see’ run across the top of the painting under bold lettering that spells ‘Mystery’. On the bottom, it says, ‘Deep into the mystic, to the place where mystery and ecstasy become one,’ over reversed letters that read ‘Ecstacy’. Pierson adds poetic weight to the unfolding scene as a blindfolded coyote floats midair over a hovering magic carpet.

An arid landscape with an Egyptian pyramid unravels in the backdrop. On closer inspection, you’ll see a faint image of an empty room with a scenic view overlapping the painting. It’s as if the coyote’s subconscious has transposed to a land of mystery and beauty while it is physically elsewhere. Pierson portrays the superimposed images with remarkable precision and finesse. Mystery deserves a spot in a swanky bar, chic lounge, quirky homestay, or contemporary loft.