S.S. Integrity


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47" x 29" Regular Edition of 9


Regular Edition

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished


Includes Framing

Accompanying poem:

All along our life’s journey we will face heavy weather ,turbulent tides, and heaving seas. Some emotions souls plan their every move around the avoidance of these things, but experience betrays their approach as folly, for even a docked boat can be swamped and sunk to the depths by misfortune. We all Twist in the wind and tumble through the undertow sooner or later, and thank God for that, for a life that begins and ends with nothing to show for itself but the boredom of calm seas and sheltered harbors is a life spent in vain, it’s potential to generate wisdom and enlightenment lost at sea. Should you decide you wish for more and choose to venture out into the unknown (And who in their right mind wouldn’t?) then the key to it all becomes preparedness. There are many vital provisions one might select, to be sure, but when the skies snow dark and the waters become troubled, there is nothing more important to have parked in your luggage than integrity. Integrity is like a compass. When our lives grow thick in overcast and there’s no way to derive true north, integrity can guide us safely to the clarity of clear skies; and the bleaker the weather, the more this holds true. Integrity: there is no one completely lost who possess it, no one more bankrupt than a wealthy person who still cannot seem to afford it, and no one more serene than an accomplished soul who used it to guide them through the troubled waters life sometimes becomes.