The Gypsy Vagabonder


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.


Includes Framing

Accompanying poem:

Watch the moon rise in her eyes aboard the Gypsy Vagabonder

Mother earth is calling you. She wants to seduce you. She wants to lift her veil and shed her concealments, to show you all her hidden treasures and confess all her best-kept secrets. She wants to take you as her lover, so surrender to her will and just go.

B.T.W.. No. 36

I’ll admit, I was born to wander, but there was a time when my wanderlust had me headed everywhere but where my soul could find peace, but on an unplanned train trip that began in the Praha Hlvani Nadrazi and ended up in Morocco, my blissfully fortunate fate was sealed; my peace assured despite the late hour, the station was jam-packed that night, but as luck would have it there was one open seat left – tight next to a beautiful blonde. She smiled at me and I asked her name. She said,”just call me the lady of the canyon.” She told me she was an artist. I told her I wasn’t much of anything yet, but I was open to suggestion. She said she was looking got a cause and had decided to take the Gypsy Vagabonder to Marrakech in hopes of finding one. She said her ex-boyfriend had gone there once and that it changed his life. I thought that sounded really cool, so I bought a ticket and aboard the Gypsy Vagabonder I went.

I stowed my bags in my sleeping birth and headed off to the dining car. The lady of the canyon was already there and invited me to sit. She was drinking German Wine and softly singing a song she was writing about this train trip. Her voice was mesmerizing and the lyrics were hauntingly sincere. I might have thought she was the most compelling coyotes I’d ever met in my life but just then, to my stunner amazement, in walked exactly that. She languidly poured herself into the booth right next to ours. At first I thought she was enormous, but no, she just SEEMED that way. I couldn’t help but stare. HER EYES held both a blinding twinkle and an easy calm, HER DRESS was an effortless melding of eastern grace and western flair, and her skin – OH, HER SKIN – was a GALAXY of seductive beckonings and reticent revelations. The pullman porter then arrived and momentarily broke the spell she’d cast on me. I ordered a glass of burly cabernet. A moment later there he came with it, but with a single exten-ded pinkie claw she stopped him cold. She then gazed my was as if say, “FOR ME?” I happily agreed, even thought I didn’t have enough money to buy another glass. I thought maybe just maybe, she might say a word or

Two to me – but no. Instead she took the wine glass in one hand, the vase of flowers in the other, stood up, and left. I’d been told passengers weren’t allowed to take food or drink from the dining car, but of course, SHE COULD.

The lady of the canyon told me we were witnessing something very special A COYOTESS IN LEAGUE WITH THE NIGHT. She said her days were likely fairly normal, but that when the sun sets and night falls, The MOON and the STARS conspire with her to shape the world around her pleasures. She said she could take the gloom of a rainy day , add her precious potion of night to it, and transform it into something romantic and alluring; that she could take a dull noonday conversation, bring in into her starlight, and make it feel daring and edgy; that she could take an average everyday commute, toss it into her welcoming darkness, and make that same drive feel unknown and mystical; that she could even take the bland, listless soundtrack being played through the local grocery store’s tired speakers, envelope it in her midnight charms, and make it sound sultry and seductive. Just then she returned, seeming every bit as giant as she did before. She smiled at me as she set an entire bottle of burly and two glasses on my table. She then gave a fresh bouquet of flowers in a stunning vase to the coyotess with the teased – up hair – who then began to weep. She then gave us all a farewell glance as she took the arm of the person I assume was her lover – OH, TO BE HER LOVER – and she was gone into the night. I never saw her again.

The next morning, I met for breakfast with the lady of the canyon. She could tell I was a bit forlorn. She said, “There are others out there like her, you know. You just have to be willing to put in the time and effort, First to find her, and then to win her heart.” SO I DID. And now, lucky me, I get to chart my course by way of the mysterious reckonings of a lover whose starry light emanates from within.

-Markus Pierson-

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