Always Thinking of You


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This vibrant oil painting by Mario Jung, entitled “Always Thinking of You,” showcases a serene landscape that combines the tranquility of nature with a sense of warm remembrance. In the foreground, a radiant field of sunflowers turns toward the sun, their bright yellow and brown faces adding a lively contrast to the lush greens of the neatly arranged rows that recede into the distance. A dirt path meanders gently through the field, inviting viewers into the scene. Dominating the composition is a magnificent cherry blossom tree in full bloom, its pink and white petals appearing soft and delicate against the clear blue sky. The tree stands as a symbol of life’s fleeting beauty, reminiscent of memories that are cherished and held close. Smaller blossoms in the background harmonize with the tree, while distant mountains rise subtly, adding depth and a hint of the enduring. The use of impasto technique gives the work a rich texture that invites the touch and reflects the light, making the scene almost quiver with life. This painting would be a splendid piece for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and the enduring emotional resonance of a well-crafted landscape.