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“Levitation” by Malcolm Tibbetts is a striking piece of segmented woodturning art that carries a sense of weightlessness and fluidity rarely found in wooden sculptures. This work exhibits a sophisticated illusion of suspension, as if the various elements are hovering in harmony to form the vase-like structure.

The sculpture is crafted from an array of colored wood segments, meticulously arranged in bands that encircle the form. These bands of wood, with their different hues and grains, layer upon one another to create a visually intriguing pattern that draws the eye upward. The colors vary from deep blues and purples to vibrant greens and pinks, creating a playful yet harmonious palette that reflects the diversity of nature’s own spectrum.

What sets “Levitation” apart is its design, which gives the impression that the segments are floating around a central, unseen axis. The spaces between each wooden band add to the effect, allowing light to pass through and casting gentle shadows that enhance the sculpture’s ethereal quality.

The surface of the wood is finished to a high gloss, emphasizing the richness of the colors and the smoothness of the form. This also allows the natural beauty of the wood grain to shine through, adding depth and texture to the sculpture.

“Levitation” would be a captivating addition to any space, offering a modern twist on traditional woodturning. It would appeal especially to collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the innovative use of materials and the infusion of movement and lightness into the typically solid medium of wood. This piece is not just a testament to Tibbetts’ mastery of his craft, but also to the endless possibilities of creativity within the realm of wood sculpture.