Three Times The Love


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April 2019

“When I create a sculpture in resin it feels like I am working full circle, from an initial drawing or sketch, creating the piece in clay to casting. When you add colour the pieces just seem to take on a life of their own. Sometimes I use parain, which has a wonderful off white colour and I love the pure simplicity of how these sculptures look. The lack of colour just seems to allow the message to come through” -Mackenzie Thorpe

In this Mackenzie Thorpe limited edition sculpture for sale, a man is standing, holding hands in a circle, with three small children as if they are playing a game of ring around the rosie. This piece seems to be inspired by Thorpe and his relationship with his own children, however, the faces are all left blank so that the viewers can relate to the image in their own way. The audience can think about their relationship with their own father figure or someone that they may know.

Thorpe’s iconic style and recognizable characteristics from his paintings are echoed in his sculptures. The man is wearing very simple clothing and plain, sturdy shoes. He doesn’t have much and sometimes, Thorpe creates his figures with so little that they do not even have a shadow. This image is meant to show that even when we don’t have much to give, we can still give our love and kindness. This man may be poor and come from humble roots, but he is willing to give everything he has to his children and they give their love in return.

The sculpture is minimal and the only color is the vibrant red of the hearts that the children are holding. Thorpe believes that adding color to a piece sometimes takes away from the deeper meaning, but here, the red only adds to the piece. With this artwork, he wants the message to be the strongest element. The darkest times are behind us and hope will get us through. Thorpe wants to show that although someone’s situation may be bleak, they can always have hope and continue to give love to everyone they encounter.

Mackenzie Thorpe’s unique style and his unbridled passion for art and connecting with people is clear in this limited edition sculpture. His global language of emotion has the ability to communicate with people from many backgrounds and cultures. This iconic Mackenzie Thorpe artwork, along with several other artworks, is available for sale at the Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe. The gallery invites you to visit and share your love of art with them, explore the great wilderness of the Sierras, and find yourself at a home away from home.