Leap of Faith


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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June 2011

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“With some of my paintings, I’m building a monument to the working men who no longer have jobs. The ships aren’t built in my town anymore; the steel and iron has gone. The men are now unemployed. I’m putting that precious history down on canvas.” – Mackenzie Thorpe

In this Mackenzie Thorpe limited edition print for sale, several ghostly figures are set against a tumultuous, cloudy sky. The figures are a mix of dark grey and black with some fading into the midnight blue background.

Thorpe was born in the industrial town of Middlesbrough in the 1950s, where his father worked as a laborer and his mother as an auxiliary nurse. The town was very industrial, employing the majority of the workers in shipyards or other general laborer positions. In the late 1800s, steel production and ship building began in the port city.

During his childhood, Thorpe saw the closure of some of the major steel and ship production facilities. Many families were left without work and he acknowledges that at times, it was a struggle. He has mixed emotions about this period of his life. Thorpe remembers a feeling of loneliness but also, a strong sense of community spirit as many families were experiencing this hardship. The town pulled together in the face of adversity, leaving him with a sense of hope that he clearly communicates in his artwork.

The figures in this artwork are likely the ships that Thorpe saw coming into the port when he was a child. The fog rolls off the water and the boats are bigger than giants, taking up the entire image. The artwork is also filled with a sense of loneliness and isolation as these may be the ghosts of the ships that Thorpe used to see. He is reflecting on a memory; The ships no longer come into the port like they used to. Thorpe is referencing the fact that so many workers have lost their jobs and that the industry is slowly disappearing. However, the dark clouds seem to be clearing and the worst is in the past as hope shines through.

This Mackenzie Thorpe artwork is available for sale, along with many others, at Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe. Marcus Ashley Gallery is one of South Lake Tahoe’s premier fine art galleries, situated in Heavenly Village’s bustling shopping district. Along with works by Mackenzie Thorpe, the gallery also exhibits 40+ of the most iconic artists of our time.