Tahoe Pier


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

Shipping and Framing

The aluminum print is ready to hang and paper print will come tubed or you can add a frame with us.

This is an image I had envisioned, but had to wait for, due to an extremely dry winter. Fortunately, spring brought winter’s snow to the Sierra’s, and re-kindled my vision. I left work quite early when the snow started to fly in anticipation of bringing this image to life. Given the heavy wet snow, I set up my 4×5 film camera under the pier, staying relatively dry in the process. I then climbed into position, composed the image, and exposed one sheet of Kodak Tmax 100 black and white film. I hand processed the film to expand the contrast range, evoking the ethereal mood you see in the final image.I’m drawn to the simplicity of this scene. While stark, I feel a sense of wonder and relaxation. Perhaps a vision of the future.