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11" x 8" x 16.25"



Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


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Shakespeare by Frogman

Introducing “Shakespeare,” an exquisite bronze sculpture by the renowned artist Tim Cotterill, affectionately known as Frogman. This captivating piece portrays a majestic owl, beautifully rendered in a rich and textured patina that captures the essence of its namesake, the great playwright William Shakespeare.

Frogman’s exceptional craftsmanship is evident in “Shakespeare,” with meticulous attention to detail that brings the sculpture to life. The owl’s intricately sculpted feathers, with their earthy brown and golden hues, create a lifelike texture and depth, while the smooth, polished bronze accents on the beak and talons add a touch of refined elegance.

The owl’s expressive eyes, rendered in deep, glossy black, convey a sense of intelligence and wisdom, reminiscent of the profound insights found in Shakespeare’s works. The sculpture’s poised stance and commanding presence make “Shakespeare” a powerful symbol of knowledge, creativity, and contemplation.

Measuring approximately 10 inches high, “Shakespeare” is a testament to Frogman’s ability to blend artistic creativity with the majestic essence of nature. This bronze masterpiece is perfect for collectors and art enthusiasts alike, offering a timeless and sophisticated addition to any space.

Invite the noble spirit of “Shakespeare” into your home and let Frogman’s masterful craftsmanship and vibrant artistry elevate your art collection. Let this remarkable sculpture serve as a reminder of the beauty and wisdom found in both the natural world and the timeless works of the great bard.

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