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Dimensions 18.25 × 8.5 × 9.5 in

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is dedicated to the interpretation, promotion, and acquisition of works of art by American and global artists. It maintains a strong connection with artists, clients, and customers who trust the gallery’s expertise and curatorial excellence. Frogman art by Tim Cotterill can be viewed in its all glory at the gallery. Visitors automatically feel drawn to his animal-inspired sculptures on display. You’ll find his creations in the homes of celebrities, artists, and fans around the country and the world.

If you’ve ever encountered a Bird of Paradise plant, chances are you mistook it for a tropical bird! Named after the species of birds with the same name, this plant reveals a striking head of crane-like petals. In Paradise, Frogman captures the beauty of this flower with absolute precision and attention to detail. However, the frog in the sculpture is not impressed or interested in this striking plant. It has its eyes on the ladybug and stretches across the plant’s stem for a closer look at the creature. Frogman opts for bright patinas for both the frog and ladybug, creating a cohesive blend of vibrant colors.

The sculptor carefully portrays the delicate nature of the plant and the liveliness of his amphibious subject. Paradise is a brilliant piece that highlights Frogman’s flawless craftsmanship.