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Dimensions 14 × 27 × 16 in

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe is a proud curator of Frogman art and has a strong relationship with the award-winning sculptor, who has grown from strength to strength over the decades. His work embodies frail beauty, phenomenal craftsmanship, and subtle grandeur. It’s often love at first sight when visitors come across his unmissable sculptures. The gallery’s staff is happy to help with inquiries on the sculptor’s old classics and new releases.

Papillon is a Latin-derived French word meaning ‘butterfly,’ an apt name for Frogman’s impressive sculpture. A feisty frog sports a lovely vibrant patina to mimic the rich hues of a tropical flower in Papillon. Idling at the edge of the blade of grass is a bright yellow butterfly, blissfully unaware of the advancing frog. The sculptor reveals a skillful blend of sharp details, rich silver nitrate tones, and dramatic shapes that make Papillon a  sculpture worth getting one’s hands on.

This Frogman masterpiece can be found at the gallery, and whether you visit in person or online, you receive the same level of luxury services and attention. Papillon will make a fine centerpiece for a coffee, corridor, or dining table and serve as the perfect conversation starter in the company of friends and acquaintances.