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Lake Tahoe’s seasonal beauty lures tourists throughout the year. At Heavenly Village, visitors often find themselves drawn to the wonderful Marcus Ashley Gallery and its commendable selection of fine art. It’s no surprise why private collectors, artists, and high-profile figures come by the gallery to acquire new pieces of interest.


The showroom houses a remarkable collection of Frogman art that is a must to peruse. Tim “Frogman” Cotterill is well-known in the art community for his distinctive craftsmanship and clever execution. A bevy of sculptures from his sizable collection can be found at the gallery.


Emerald is a sharp, observant frog that assumes a protective stance as if ready to jump into action. The sculpture carries a soothing mossy green and dark mustard patina. To create the appearance of mottled skin, Frogman goes in with subtle dark markings across the amphibian’s trunk. As it squats on its tiny hind legs, the frog braces itself to spring towards its target or hop away from sneaky predators.

The sculptor’s frogs are crafted in the most natural poses, encouraging collectors to get creative with the sculptures. The possibilities of how you’d like to place the adorable Emerald in a room are endless.