The Sweetest Words


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Tucked at the heart of Lake Tahoe is the Marcus Ashley Gallery, a mammoth exhibition space for art appreciators. The gallery patrons are purveyors of the art world who understand the nuances of the buying process, and you can be sure to receive unmatched service and expert assistance. Simply approach the staff on duty to help choose and position pieces of interest in a location. They can recreate your vision and bring your ideas to life using the latest software and techniques. The gallery proudly displays the enigmatic Fabio Napoleoni art among its collections. The California-based artist’s works are unique and leave visitors awestruck by his sheer brilliance and creativity.

Napoleoni sketches a pair of Blu characters playing with a string telephone in The Sweetest Words. Saturated oil paints create a velvet-like effect, highlighting the form and depth of Napoleoni’s plush characters. As the pair of Blus pass along sweet nothings to each other, there is a sense of nostalgia. The Sweetest Words conjure memories of simpler childhood days when makeshift toys brought so much joy. Napoleoni fills the giclee with his signature tiny red hearts to elevate the purity and love of the scene.

 The Sweetest Words is a heartwarming giclee to add to one’s growing collection of Napoleoni art.