My Love For Your Love


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“Remember the first time you fell in love? I would bet you can recall every minute of it. The first memory of young love will never vanish.” – Fabio Napoleoni

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is an idyllic place for art enthusiasts and collectors to browse Fabio Napoleoni art. When the artist discovered his daughter was born with heart abnormalities, he experienced a surge of new, unfamiliar emotions. The time spent at the hospital on several occasions allowed Napoleoni to develop a renewed perspective of life—one that he conveys eloquently through his work. Experience the highs and lows of human emotions through Napoleoni’s riveting, brilliant exhibits.

In My Love For Your Love, the artist depicts a pictorial representation of two people falling in love for the first time. As the two dolls exchange hearts, one cannot help but feel a surge of nostalgia. When we’re young and in love, there’s a careless abandon that comes into play. We don’t act on logic and are driven by the acute feelings coursing through our hearts.

Napoleoni captures the sweet sensation of new love and how that memory will be forever etched in our minds. Whether that first time landed in heartbreak, friendship, or marital bliss, My Love For Your Love shows us how much love we’re capable of feeling.